Estate Clean Out Services

According to You

With the passing of a relative or loved one comes a long road of grief. If you’re also left with their estate and everything in it that they left behind, it can add an extra level of stress that frankly, you don’t need. But don’t despair! There’s a solution that doesn’t involve you wasting a single minute on that estate that results in a pristine and cleaned-out estate. The solution in question? Full-service estate cleanouts with the pros at HSDO Pros Junk Removal!

Our team is full-service, which means that they cover the entire process. That includes all the heavy lifting, hauling, and disposal! Plus, they customize your estate cleaning to fit your needs, conditions, and special requests. With plenty of experience providing cleanout services to residents like yourself, they easily adjust to demanding circumstances with smiles on their faces! That’s because they love what they do and thrive on easing minds with quality, reliable junk removal services. Call us today to book the crew that cares!

Estate Furniture Removal in Miami

If you’ve inherited a Miami estate on the account of loss, chances are that estate furniture is now in your possession. But, with so many sofas, beds, and armoires, and no where to put them, what do you do? Truthfully, it’s as simple as giving HSDO Pros Junk Removal a call for an estate cleanout! Our team of professionals unloads all those unwanted furniture hauling and disposal tasks of your back and handles them themselves. When they’re finished with you, all that unwanted estate furniture will be disposed of in the most eco-friendly manner possible!

At your appointment, you can expect an easy, painless process on your part. After showing us what you need gone, just approve the quote we give you and leave the rest to us! Our team will work together to safely haul sofas, beds, and other furniture items without damaging them or the property. After loading them onto trucks, they’ll pick up any last junk items, bring out brooms, and sweep away! That way, we leave the estate looking just the way it should- spick and span.

Finally, our last step is disposal. After evaluating the quality and condition of that old furniture, our guys will decide on the right drop-of facility. Best case scenario, they’ll donate all that furniture so that a neighbor can use them! However, we only donate items that we deem in good condition. In other cases, we’ll recycle or otherwise properly dispose of estate furniture.