Professional Hot Tub Removal and Disposal Service

If you’ve ever had a hot tub unexpectedly break down on you in Miami, you know the true inconvenience it can be. First, there’s the question of how to get rid of it. Taking on the job yourself may be more cost-effective, but it’s a hard day’s work that requires plentiful time and proper equipment. On the other hand, finding a hot tub removal team can be challenging, and the price can be difficult to digest. Nevertheless, our highly rated jacuzzi removal checks every box, from demolition to disposal! Not only that, our team does it all at a fair, all-inclusive price. That way, you can have your new Miami hot tub installed and ready for friends and family in no time!

Let’s not waste any more time– if you need hot tub removal in Miami, FL ASAP, call or book us today! Open 7 days a week, we try our best to serve all customers on their time. Oftentimes, we can even provide same and next-day service!

Wooden Hot Tub Removal in Miami, FL

You may be looking at your broken wood hot tub thinking, removing this can’t be easy. Well, with our pro-grade equipment and skilled crew, it’s simple! With extensive experience in light demolition, we get the job done quicker than you’d expect. What’s even better, is that we reuse your hot tub debris so they are not put to waste! Hot tubs are made of many different recyclables, from electrical wiring to wood. That’s why we work with several recycling centers in our area that make this possible.

Before breaking down the hot tub, we’ll first make sure all the electrical equipment is disconnected. Then, we move on to removing any outside covering protecting the jacuzzi shell. After setting those parts aside, it’s time to saw! Don’t worry, we’ll be wearing protective gear throughout this entire process. Using saw tools, our team will cut through your vinyl, plastic, or fiberglass jacuzzi bed as well as the wood foundation. Once all the parts are cut into manageable pieces and round up, haulers will drop off the pieces at a recycling center! By compressing and reprocessing the different hot tub debris accordingly, on-site workers will have all the materials prepped and ready for selling and reuse.