Reliable Storage Cleanout on Your Terms

When it’s time to tackle Miami clean out projects like storage unit junk removal, you’re best off contacting HSDO Pros for a storage unit clean out service. With an insured, full-service crew beyond qualified for storage unit clean outs in Miami, FL, your storage unit will be free of junk in no time, without the extra effort! That’s right– while we handle your service, you can relax and destress or even hit the Miami Boardwalk. Just leave all the heavy lifting, removal, and disposal to us!

You may be wondering if we’ll take the kinds of junk collecting dust in your storage unit. Good news– our team accepts a wide range of junk in all our provided services! Whether you have bulky appliances, outdated electronics, or general waste, we’re happy to take it off your hands.

Old Furniture Removal in Miami, FL

Got old, forgotten furniture pieces in your storage unit that you need cleared out? That won’t be a problem with our crew. At your appointment, they’ll come with all the necessary tools to get your kitchen, dining, living, or bedroom furniture removed and loaded onto our trucks safely. Once that’s done, they’ll make sure all your other unwanted storage junk is out of your space before sweeping up. And finally, the last step of our storage unit clean outs in Miami, FL is safe and responsible disposal!

When handling your furniture, our crew will decide if it is fit to be donated. Our company makes it a goal to donate as much as we can, but keep in mind drop-off centers have standards and rules on what they accept. If your furniture is damaged or overused, haulers will see what they can do to recycle it nearby. If there’s a furniture recycling center near you, our crew will head there to drop off your old furniture. From there, on-site employees would bring the items into the proper workspace and prepare them to be broken down. By cutting furniture into smaller sections and separating different contents, the recycling of the materials is possible! In the end, any wood, metal, plastics, or other recyclables making up your furniture will be reuse-ready.